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Satta king

Summary of Satta king

Satta King is like a Matka game where a round pot is filled with some chits and every chit has a unique number written in it. Choosing the right number and matching with the drawn chit from the pot must be the same to win the Satta King 786 game. Some say this is the game of pure luck, but I don't believe it. In my point of view, there is some sort of mathematical calculations involved.

This game is nowadays very well organized and available online. You can now play Sattaking online. Well, there is no such round pot here. It will be just like guessing the number which is going to be open by the Company.

Here people ask for Black Satta fix leak jodi. Matka guessing is very popular nowadays. Black Satta King is the most popular game in Indian Black Satta Bazaar. All games results charts are available on our website. You can get fix fix fix sattta nambar guessing results on our website by logging in with us.

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Definition of Satta King

This game is for testing your luck and write your destiny. This game involves at least two players in which one will open a Satta number, and the other will guess the number. Number opener can be the only one man, but the guessers can be any number of people. Want to try your luck, then play it.

People's destiny is always in their hands. They need a chance to write their destiny according to themselves.

Historical overview of Satta King

Satta King 786 has started just after the independence of India from Britishers. Originally it was called Satta Matka. People began betting on the price of cotton, and betting depends upon the opening and closing price of cotton. That time New York cotton exchange and the Bombay cotton exchange were the main assets to play this game and track the cotton rates.

Then came 1961, New York cotton exchange was shut down. Now the problem has started for the payers because that was the only thing they bet.

Every end is the beginning of a new start. So that happened, Ratan Khatri came into play and came up with a solution. He started betting on the number's outcome. He started a Matka game and later that game was known as Satta king. In a pitcher, there were number printed chits, and numbers vary from 0 to 9. The drawn number was the winner. This game started as an imaginary game. Ratan Khatri wasn't aware that this game is going to rule India in forthcoming days.

A couple of years later, Kalyanji Bhagat came into the game and started a new version of this game, and that was focused on poor people. In that game, a beggar could place a bet as low as of 1 rs.

So this is the origin of this game in Mumbai. After two decades of the victorious run, this game has a monthly turnover of around one thousand crores. Turnover became huge, and then Black Satta 786 came into the market because brokerage became too high with the demand. Black Satta Bazaar now covers almost 40% of the Satta Marketplace.

In 1990, Now Mumbai police get active and started closing down their offices and bookies. This forced move from the Mumbai police, and the government, bookies were shifted to other states like UP, Rajasthan, Gujrat, etc.

After that, the Internet has come into the market, and now this game moved online. So people play this game online. No office or any physical space is required. Now you can play this game by sitting anywhere.

Future of Satta king in India

As the internet and mobile phones are evolving these days, the future is looking good for this game. The reach of this game is not limited to any state or any country. Anyone can play from any place by just opening the website and making a few clicks.

One thing that can come in the way of this game is the government of India, which can strict the players to play the game. Otherwise, people are just enjoying this.

How to play Satta king?

This game is very simple to play but needs experience and pattern identification ability. Company uses a pattern to open a Satta number. And whose aptitude solving ability is good, then those players can easily identify the next upcoming number. But don't worry if you are not good at it, then there are many gurus of this game, who can predict the next outcoming number for you.

You need to choose a number between 1 to 99, and if that number is opened by the company, then you won that game. up gameking is the best game to play here. It is very trusted and less risky. upgameking result is live-streamed on our website daily. You can get the monthly and yearly charts available, and can also download it on your mobile or on your laptop to analyze the old data and find the correct pattern to predict the next upcoming number.

Why to play Satta King in India?

Everyone wants easy money, and this Matka game is one of the sources to earn easy money. In this game, You can make 90 times of your invested money, this is a staggering ROI (Return on Investment).

But guessing the right number is not easy because you have 99 different numbers to choose only 1 correct number.

Note:- * Playing this game in India is not legeal, So don't play in India.

Where to play Satta king?

The first question comes in everyone's mind that where to play this game fairly. The answer is for fair play. Here you will see the right number at the right time.

We are not involved with any company, so we display numbers independently. Other websites are involved with some scam companies which do frauds with users. We don't call anyone and not involve in any scam or fraud actions. Here you see the number for entertainment only. So you will not face any kind of loss, and we are not liable for any kind of loss to you. It's your responsibility to do a background check of the things you want to get involved in.

Types of Satta King games and their results

There are tons of games in this category. We're listing some important and popular games here. We have detailed descriptions and process to play each game on our website.

There are lots of Satta games being played in current years. Some are very famous games in Indian Matka Bazaar. We have results and charts for all the games available in the Indian market. Results are available online and in a very fast speed.

We have pages for each and every Satta game results. So if you want to check details of any game then just go that page, and check the live results or monthly and yearly chart.

Check the given table below for a list of games.

Fix Satta Bazaar Play all bazaar, play bazaar all
Gujrat Market Kashi Market
Chandigarh Udaipur Bazar
Agra Special Kalyan Matka
Kashipur Rajasthan Gold
Noida Bazar Jaipur
Shree Bazar Midnight
Delhi Super Delhi Noon
Nagpur Punjab Spl
Delhi Darbar Bihar Matka
China Bazar UK Super
Taj Firozpur
Kuber Matka upgameking, gameking up

Satta King expert's advice and tips

Everyone wants to be a King or Satta Badshah or Satta Queen or Raja. Everyone wants to earn big money in this game. You can take advice from matka guesser arjun dixit. Matka guessing provides you higher chances to select the winning number jodi.

Don't trust blindly to any matka guessing provided by your middleman. sattaking143 guessing is provided by some experienced guessers but those are very risky to play.

You should open a yearly chart of any company, and then you should check the pattern of numbers. I bet, You will surely find out some pattern in numbers to play and win by picking a few most suitable numbers.


This is similar to gambling and may or may not be legal in your country or state. So you need to check the government rules and regulations about this. Read full Disclaimer here.