Desawar Satta details and results

Desawar Satta is one of the oldest games in the Indian Satta Market. This game is playing since 1951. So after being independent, India was booming with businesses and other money-making ideas also taking place in people's minds.

A group of people started a chit game, and they called their company as Desawar. In just a couple of years, this game was trending all over India. People were crazy about this Satta game. They were investing a lot of money to try their luck in this game. The winning prize was 90 times of your spent money if you won. But the chance to win was 1/100. Still, that risk was not enough to stop people from spending money on this. People always love to earn easy money.

Nowadays, in the 21st century, This game has reached to the new heights. Millions of people are following this game daily. From some online resources, it is an estimate that 10 million rs are risking daily in this game. Disawar is a game-changer in Satta Bazaar for sure. Every day, hundreds of peoples are making a large amount of money, and others are trying their luck in the next day's game. Gali Satta is a substitue game of Desawar and some people are liking it too.

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Desawar yearly chart

2020 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
1 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2 03676781xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3 804467xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
4 426859xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
5 263287xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
6 532635xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7 107194xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
8 932323xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
9 540392xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
10 267378xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
11 940340xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
12 530418xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
13 746185xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
14 810606xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
15 725330xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
16 007638xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
17 916401xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
18 227970xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
19 486716xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
20 005159xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
21 335103xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
22 407529xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
23 967351xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
24 075455xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
25 394431xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
26 329040xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
27 988579xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
28 149371xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
29 408018xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
30 19xx55xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
31 82xx29xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Importance of Desawar

If you want to play a game with higher winning chances, then this game is the best game to play anytime. This game company believes in fair gameplay. So that's why this is the most trusted game in Indian Satta Bazaar. Over 2 million people get involved in Black Satta King 786 game each day. And 5% of the people winning this game daily. This percentage is not looking good at once, but if you analyze the data of other games, then you will find that this is the large number.

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Disawar Satta King, Deshawar Satta game leak fix

Desawar me jeetna sabka target hota hai, lekin is game me jeetna sabke bas ki baat nahi. Kyu ki is game me sabse jaruri hota hai math ki calculation, Aur mujhe ummed hai jo aap sab logo ke bas ke baahar hai. To isiliye mai aapki madad ke liye aage aa rha hu. Lekin main sirf guessing karta hu aur mera guess 70% sahi lagta hai. Aur meri fees bhi sab fraud brokers se alag hai. Main advance nahi leta aur sirf guessed satta number fix hone par hi main fees leta hu.

Aur jyada jaankari ke liye aap hame call ya whatsapp message kar sakte hai.

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